Welcome to the website of Vuthisa Technologies! Since 2011 we have been acting upon our Mission statement which is to ‘Investigate and Disseminate New and Innovative Technologies to Developing Economies‘.

We help transfer new technologies and developments in the fields of Emerging Energy products and Green Technologies to rural Forestry and Farming communities. It is also our goal to work closely with NGO’s, Governmental- and Charitable Organizations to effectively achieve this transfer of information. Our products and services will reduce energy demand, improve quality of living and promote self-sufficiency.





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Vuthisa Technologies was formed in 2011 to ‘Investigate and Disseminate New and Innovative… Read more

Going Green

We are dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future for our planet by Going Green…Read more

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We also offer a Forest Mensuration and Mapping service, Innovative Charcoal / Biochar-making… Read More

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