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Vuthisa Technologies supports and promotes various Green initiatives such as EcoZoom rocket stoves, Small Solar Lights and Power Supplies (Vuthisa Solar Projects), Sunfire Solar Solutions, The Hippo Water Roller Project, Legacy Foundation Fuel Briquetting technology and invasive alien removal programmes combined with Biochar production. Please visit our Online Shop to order samples and to test them out and then get in touch with us regarding larger roll-outs.

Vuthisa works closely with government programmes, NGO’s, charities and Round Table South Africa aimed at providing upliftment in energy poor areas. We use the social media and our blog to keep our subscribers informed on Green technologies and hope for a filter-down-effect to ground level where the technology is needed most.

Vuthisa partnered with the Department of Environmental Affairs’ Natural Resource Management (NRM), Land User Incentive (LUI) Programme to eradicate Invasive Alien Plant Species (IAPs) and create employment as part of the Working for Water (WfW) programme. Since January 2014 we have employed 83 men, women and youth in the Kokstad area (Sisonke District Municipality) and the project is known as Vuthisa Charcoal Projects. By March 2016 more than 2500 ha of infested areas will be rehabilitated back to pristine grasslands and preventing biodiversity loss.

The Energy and Environment Partnership for Southern and East Africa (EEP-S&EA) have partnered with us until July 2015 to fund 50% of the Vuthisa Biochar Initiative project costs. The EEP Programme in Southern and East Africa is jointly funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland (lead donor), The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID). For further information visit: http://eepafrica.org/. The Vuthisa Biochar Initiative aims to develop Emission Reducing Biochar kilns, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create carbon sinks and develop cost effective Eco-fertilizers and soil amendment products. As a “for profit” start-up organisation we find it hard to convince Corporate donors to include us in their CSI programmes. Please support our initiatives by visiting our Donation page.