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Protostar Clean Cook Stove (with braai cooking dome)

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  • The ProtoStar Stove offers high quality and durability, and is constructed from 0.6mm, series 200 stainless steel.
  • It operates on an alcohol-based, liquid ProtoStar Clean Cook Fuel that emits no bad odours and burns with a clear flame. The fuel is supplied by PE in a sealed 500ml disposable plastic bottle.
  • The fuel tank contains ceramic wool for fuel control. In addition, the tank design prevents fuel pouring out in case the stove falls over.
  • The fuel tank remains at a relatively low temperature during use (maximum about 35°C in ambient temperature of 25 °C).
  • This particular model comes with a Braai / Roast attachment


The ProtoStar offers consumers a number of significant benefits:

  • Increased safety features that will substantially reduce fire hazards and associated injuries and losses. Any fire that may be caused is also easily extinguished with water. This is not possible with paraffin fires as pouring water on them will spread the flames (paraffin is oily and floats on water).
  • Eliminating the health risks and problems associated with paraffin ingestion and the toxic fumes it emits.
  • Offering the options of not only cooking in a pot, but also being able to braai, roast and bake.
  • Cost savings related to the lower price of ProtoStar Fuel, the higher efficiency of the stove and the higher durability of the stove (5 years – the average paraffin stove lasts less than 12 months).
  • Eliminating the unpleasant smell and black smoke emitted by paraffin stoves.
  • A significant reduction in CO2 emissions. ProtoStar Fuel emits less than 50% of the CO2 emitted when paraffin is burned. For every litre of ProtoStar fuel burnt instead of paraffin, about 1.4kg of CO2 will be prevented from entering the atmosphere. Assuming an average monthly usage of 15 litres, this translates to 250kg of CO2 saved per annum per stove, or 250 tons of CO2 per every 1000 stoves (this ignores any additional emission reduction due to higher efficiency of the stove).
  • This specific model is more expensive because it contains the baking/roasting dome

Interesting facts around its development:

  • Invented by Ken Hall (The inventor of the Cobb)
  • R 25 Million invested into its development
  • Part of the Global Alliance Clean Cookstove
  • Activity teams consisting of 20 girls go out daily to promote it
  • 10,000 stoves disseminated in Diepsloot informal settlement to date
  • Production capacity of 5000 units per month
  • Methanol will be supplied from own factory from August 2015 onwards bringing down its cost

Watch this very informative demonstration video:


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Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 25 cm


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